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Missouri Biotechnology Association's (MOBIO) workforce development initiative, PROSPER, is committed to Partnering Resources, Opportunities, and Students for Powerful Employment Results. By integrating PROSPER into our framework, MOBIO aims to advance its workforce development role while ensuring long-term program sustainability.

We proudly partner with Missouri Southern State University, MOSO Caps, and Missouri Western State University in the Science 2 Jobs (S2J) program and collaborate with BioSTL and BioNexus KC in the BIOTECH for MO program. PROSPER directly supports these programs and functions as a bridge extending additional assistance to rural and underserved communities within Missouri.

Thank you to the State of Missouri for its support and investment in the current and future growth of Missouri's life sciences.

Science 2 Jobs (S2J)

S2J is a statewide program designed to increase awareness of workforce opportunities in health and agricultural sciences through tailored outreach and educational programs. This partnership with Missouri Southern State University, MOSO CAPS, MOBIO, and Missouri Western State University provides opportunities to heighten awareness and cultivate interest in science-based programs and careers.

S2J offerings include portable labs with educational tool kits, captivating agriculture drone demonstrations, and our immersion trailer featuring lab setups and VR learning experiences along with Summer BioTech Tours. 
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This initiative is led by three bioscience industry organizations representing the bioscience innovation community and bioeconomy across Missouri, BioSTLBioNexus KC, and MOBIO. BIOTECH for MO is made possible through an investment from the State of Missouri.

The Bioscience Industry Occupational Training and Equity Collaborative Hub for Missouri (BIOTECH for MO) provides a statewide centralized hub for education, industry, government, and community partners to design and implement programs that train and recruit individuals for key bioscience occupations. This statewide workforce development platform will strengthen Missouri’s bioscience workforce, help safeguard domestic drug supply chains, and support underrepresented and underserved communities to secure quality employment in the bioscience sector.

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